Reducing Our
Methane Emissions

We all know about cows and methane; cows are ruminants and when they digest vegetation, they belch large amounts of Methane which is 23x more damaging than Carbon Dioxide. This is the headline but not the full story.

When you put Cattle on species-rich grassland with plenty of Herbs and Legumes rather than a grain-based system Methane can be reduced significantly. Scientists, at Rowett Institute in an EU Council, backed Study found that Fumaric Acid fed to ruminants led to better growth rates and a 70% reduction in methane production. Fumaric Acid is found in herbs, legumes, and even hedgerow plants which are abundant on our farm, such as: Angelica, Common Fumitory, Birds-foot Trefoil, shepherd’s purse, and Sanfoin.